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Du 23/02/2017 au 24/02/2017 - Paris

IRPA workshop on reasonableness in the implementation on the ALARA principle

The principle of optimisation of radiation protection, also known as ALARA is the cornestore of the radiological protection system. In practice, is implementation is to search for a given exposure situation, what is the reasonable level of protection taking into account economic and societal factors.

The proposed workshop aims to review the current practives in implementing ALARA and particularly to question the respective roles of decision-aiding techniques and stakeholders in establishing reasonable levels of protection. The aim is also to initiate a reflection on ethical and societal values that underpin the concept of reasonableness.

Lieu : CNAM – Paris

  • Introduction of the workshop

    Thierry SCHNEIDER - SFRP

  • Feedback from IRPA consultation of affiliated societies

    Roger COATES - IRPA

  • Considerations on the concept of reasonableness in the ICRP system and ethical issues

    Kunwoo CHO - KARP

  • Methodologies for the implementation of the ALARA principle : ALARA in practice

    Fernand VERMEERSCH - European ALARA Network

  • Implementing ALARA in the nuclear sector

    Bernard LE GUEN - SFRP & IRPA

  • Implementing ALARA in the medical sector

    Eliseo VANO - Spanish Society of RP

  • Implementing ALARA in existing exposure situations (radon and legacy sites)

    Christophe MURITH - FS

  • Implementing ALARA in existing exposure situations (post-accidental situation)

    Michiaki KAI - JHPS

  • Approches addressing the integration of different risks

    Pete BRYANT - SRP