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Du 04/05/2021 au 05/05/2021 - Virtuel

3rd SFRP/IRPA workshop : Tolerability and reasonableness




After two workshops exploring the sense of reasonableness in the practical implementation of
the optimisation principle, the third workshop will be dedicated to the sense of tolerability (or
non-tolerability) in the radiological protection system, and its link with the notion of
reasonableness. The objective is to explore this notion for three topics: radon exposure,
exposure from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) and the dismantling of
nuclear installations. Like the previous workshops, the work will be based on case-studies and
working groups.

As regards to the three selected topics, radon exposure and exposure from NORM are existing
exposure situations (from an ICRP point of view) although several authorities do apply the
dose limits in some cases. The dismantling of an installation is a planned exposure situation
although some questions raised in such an operation are similar to those posed in case of
contaminated sites. The case-studies will be selected in order to raise the question of the
tolerability and unacceptability of the risk (or the situation) and why


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